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Krav Maga Instructor Course + Seminar.

7 - 11 March 2012 - Kombat Muay Thai Camp in Pattaya, Thailand.

Krav Maga Instructor Course and Seminar.

Krav Maga Instructor Course is for experienced martial artists who want to learn Krav Maga Tactical Combatives curriculum and become a Krav Maga Instructor.

Krav Maga Instructor Course and Krav Maga Seminar will be instructed by Gerry Nolan.

You will complete 5 days training with Krav Maga Thailand.

This seminar is open to everyone, you can attend this seminar on a seminar only basis and learn Krav Maga self defense for both armed and unarmed street attacks.

You will learn the following on the Krav Maga Self Defense Course:

  • Strikes
  • Blocks
  • Knife defenses
  • Gun disarms
  • Defense
  • Baton and long striking objects
  • Holds
  • Chokes
  • Ground work Krav Maga ground fighting
  • Controlling and restraining an attacker

  • Krav Maga Strikes both open hand and closed fist strikes to stun any attacker.
  • How you can escape from Chokes, grabs and bear hug attacks using Krav Maga.
  • Krav Maga weapon attack defense and disarms, you will learn to defend yourself from baseball stick club attacks, self defense for Knife Hold Ups and Knife Threats.
  • Krav Maga Gun Disarms for disarming and removing weapons from pistol and long gun threats.
  • Krav Maga ground fighting survival. How to defend yourself when on the ground and get back to standing position.
  • Modern Defensive Tactics from Krav Maga.

Who is the Krav Maga Instructor Course for:
The Krav Maga Instructor Certification Training Course is for experienced martial artists who have a minimum of 3 - 4 years martial arts experience in a striking orientated martial art, such as Krav Maga, Muay Thai Boxing, Kick Boxing, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Kung Fu, or other striking based martial arts system.

Upon completion of the Krav Maga Instructor Certification Course you will be graded to Krav Maga Instructor Level I.

On the Krav Maga Instructor Course you will learn the Krav Maga techniques up to Krav Maga Instructor Level I the following topics:
The Krav Maga Tactical Combatives Krav Maga Instructor Course will be held at Kombat Muay Thai MMA Gym Pattaya Thailand.

You have two options to attend the Krav Maga seminar.

Krav Maga Instructor Course and Seminar.

Option 1 - Krav Maga Instructor Certification

You will learn in addition to Krav Maga also how to teach, train and instructor krav maga. On successful completion of the course you will receive Krav Maga Instructor Level 1. The course fee for Krav Maga Instructor Certification Course is 40,000 Baht.

Option 2 - Krav Maga Seminar

This option is open to everyone from pure beginner to advanced who wants to learn Krav Maga as a street self defense solution to both armed and unarmed attack. Krav Maga Seminar only course fee is 20,000 Baht.

All fees must be paid in full before the course begins.
To book your place please contact Gerry Nolan by email from the contact form or email more details on

Payment details are available to you on request and you can pay either by Paypal, international bank wire transfer or Western Union. Please contact us for details on



The total of the payments must be paid in full upon arrival.

For each delay, the amount will be increased by 10%.